Premises Liability

In the U.S. each year many people suffer accidental injuries in our homes and in our communities that require medical treatment or worse:

Many of these accidents occur because of dangerous conditions on property – in all the places we walk, work, live, and play.

Not all accidents are preventable.  But some are.  Our country’s 50-year history of aggressive safety regulations in the workplace teaches us that many common accidents can be avoided by good safety practices.  Statistics show that the number of injuries in the work environment has consistently gone down with the enforcement of OSHA regulations and other industry efforts to improve safety.  This principle of improving safety needs to apply to other environments – our homes, our sidewalks, our community businesses, our parks and public buildings – but the enforcement of safety regulations in those environments is not as extensive as it is in the workplace.  Instead, in these community environments, it is often up to the property owner or business owner to use his/her own judgment to make the condition of the property, or the nature of the activity conducted on the property, reasonably safe.  The failure to fulfill that responsibility can sometimes give rise to a claim for damages against the property owner – when a dangerous condition of the property, or a dangerous activity on the property, causes injury.

If you are injured as a result of a fall or other accident resulting from a dangerous condition on someone else’s property, call us.  We can discuss the situation and help you determine whether you may have a claim that should be pursued.  There is no charge for our initial discussion.  If you have a serious injury, and the case appears to have merit, we will help you investigate further, and we may be in a position to represent you in the claim.  Let us put our experience to work for you.