Bruer, Wooddell & Harrell – Firm Overview

IMG_5349retBob Bruer and John Wooddell have practiced in Springfield, in the personal injury field, since the 1970s.  In 1988, they joined forces forming the firm Bruer & Wooddell.  In more recent years, Steven Harrell joined the firm, adding depth and strength to the firm’s trial expertise. 

Our firm’s role.  We handle cases involving complex medical and legal issues – primarily medical malpractice cases, vehicular accidents, and accidents resulting from unsafe products.  We are committed to investing the time and effort necessary to understand the details of complex cases.  We pride ourselves in maintaining good contacts with many experts knowledgeable in the fields in which we practice.  It is our intent to limit the number of cases we take, with the goal of spending all the time necessary on those cases we do accept.

Our firm’s philosophy.  We have learned that when individuals and families suffer serious injuries, several concerns come to the forefront:

Our intent is to respond to these concerns.  We want to help our clients obtain a reasonable monetary recovery so that they are able to resume productive and satisfying lives.  We want to do what we can to see that our clients feel, within reason, justice has been served.  And for certain, we want to use the litigation process to motivate care providers, manufacturers, and others to improve their practices, to be more concerned about the people they serve, and to be more attentive to safety.

Let us put our experience to work for you.